An Australian woman has captured the incredible life and death struggle between two highly venomous snakes in her backyard.

Liz Williams, a resident of Nanneella in Victoria, videotaped the duel between a Tiger snake and an Eastern Brown last Friday (January 12). The pair are seen tightly wound into a coil as they battle each other in the brutal encounter. After gaining the upper hand, the larger Eastern Brown snake uses its fangs to aggressively bite the skull of if its opponent, leaving its victim stunned and unable to fight back.

"It was amazing, I didn't even know they would fight like that, let alone eat one another," Williams told Riverine Herald.

"My niece posted some video of the event and I learnt there was a real contrast in people's reactions – from fascination to fear," she said. "Half the people who saw our post said they would not be visiting us again."

The deadly Eastern Brown emerged victorious from the fight but failed in an attempt to eat its prey, later giving up and regurgitating it due to the sheer size.

Eastern Brown snake
Eastern Brown snake Takver/Flickr

The Eastern Brown, found in southern and western parts of Australia, is considered to be the second most venomous terrestrial snake in the world. Its fearsome reputation prompted Ms Williams to call for help from local experts.

"I would not usually call a snake catcher for a snake sighting but Merrigum's Craig Bergman came and when he arrived said he hadn't seen that before in 20 years in his line of business.

"I had assumed the Tiger should have won but Craig told me the Brown will always come out on top.

"As the brownie hadn't finished his meal, Craig very carefully and slowly lifted them into his bag."

The Eastern Brown measured 125cm while the Tiger snake measured 100cm, according to the snake catcher.