The leader of the Opposition Labour Party, Ed Miliband, has said that he will join those protesting against the Coalition government's "cuts" in public spending.

Tomorrow's "March for the Alternative" in London, is being organised by the Trades Union Congress, and is being billed as the biggest protest yet faced by the government.

Mr Miliband has so far shown himself to be weary of attending public demonstrations and protests against government policies, for example refusing to attend demonstrations by student protestors against tuition fee rises.

More controversially he was unavailable to join a previous protest against cuts by trade unions last year, despite saying that he would march with the trade unionists during his campaign to be elected Labour leader. The support of trade unionists in the end saw him being elected to his current post.

Today however Mr Miliband said he would join tomorrow's "March for the Alternative". He said that the policies of the Coalition government are "dividing" the country.