Britain's opposition leader Miliband speaks during a news conference in London
Cameron and Miliband clash over Welfare reform Reuters

Ed Miliband's performance at Prime Minister's questions this afternoon was that of a man trying to change is image. After his disastrous performance at last week's session and the rumours of a split in the Labour Party under his leadership, it was essential that Ed Miliband took the attack to David Cameron. His performance was one his best displays against David Cameron and he rattled the Prime Minster in questions over the exact details of the Welfare reforms. While it is clear that Ed Miliband does not have the support of the whole Labour Party his performance would have impressed many of his critics within the party.

The severity of his attack on David Cameron took many by surprise, at times even the Prime Minster. The Labour leader labelled the Prime Minister and his Government 'an absolute disgrace, to describe talking about cancer patients in this country as a smokescreen." over their plans to cut £96 a week for cancer patients. It was a far angrier and passionate performance from Ed Miliband, a performance that was designed to show his party that he can lead them into an election. David Cameron championed the green campaign early on as opposition leade4r and Ed Miliband may now have found his own issue. If the Labour Party can remain consistent on this issue it could play well with the public.

It is a highly sensitive issue and there is no going back now for Ed Miliband. The Labour leader must keep on the attack but remain consistent. It was clear in his exchanges with David Cameron that the Prime Minister was unaware of the full details of his Welfare reforms bill. It prompted a very rushed statement after immediately after Prime minister's Questions reiterating the stance on the cancer patient's issue.

However, Ed Miliband will suffer criticism for his lack of consistency regarding the bill as a whole. His keynote speech on Monday started off with an anecdote of his meeting with a man receiving incapacity benefit but a man who Ed Miliband 'was convinced could work 'The Labour leader brought to the debate the ideas around the deserving and more importantly the undeserving. Ed Miliband will advise his party to vote against the built his evening in Parliament but his speech on Monday would make you believe otherwise.

Ed Miliband needs to be seen as credible opposition leader and therefore someone who the voters can trust as Prime Minster. To oppose the Welfare Bill in its entirety by opting against working within the framework of the bill will damage his credibility especially when we take into account his words on Monday.

One good performance at Prime Minister's questions does not make a leader and is we take out the angry exchanges what did Ed Miliband really achieve. He may have bought himself more time as leader of the opposition but his credibility will be given sharp assessment over the next twenty four hours.