Elton John turned 74 years old in March and to mark the day, fellow singer Ed Sheeran surprised him with a scandalous gift.

The multi-awarded artist shared the hilarious story about the present during Thursday's interview on Hit 109.9's "Carrie & Tommy Show." He said the 30-year old gave him a huge replica of male genitalia to be displayed in the garden.

"We've been friends for years because I used to manage him...We're really good friends and kid each other and we play tricks on each other," John began and added, "For my birthday this year, he gave me a giant marble penis. It's really big, it's beautifully made. It's solid marble."

He admitted that he does not know why Sheeran gave him that gift as he joked that it was perhaps to tell him that he has "always been a p***k or what." But the sculpture never saw the light of day because John's husband David Furnish thought it was too rude for public display. They also worried about what their two children would think so they had to hide it instead.

"It's hidden in an area in the house where they wouldn't see it," he said referring to his two sons Zachary, 10, and Elijah, 8.

"What do you buy the man who has everything? A huge marble penis!" John added amused.

In the same interview, the "Rocket Man" hitmaker also talked about how he influenced Sheeran's outfit for the "Bad Habits" music video. He had told him to retire the baggy shirts and trousers then connected him with Donatella Versace. The video showed the younger artist looking unrecognisable in a pink ensemble.

"I said, 'Listen - if you're making the 'Bad Habits' video, you've got to look great'. He loves it, it's not as if I'm forcing him to [do] anything he doesn't want to do," John shared.

Sheeran has a wicked sense of humour when it comes to birthday gifts. Aside from John, he also gave "Friends" star Courtney Cox a "leather gimp mask." He said she probably has 12 of them now and shared that just for the fun of it, he hides "this leather S&M mask" in people's bedrooms so they see it in the drawer.

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Singer Ed Sheeran poses with his MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) medal that was presented to him by the Prince of Wales during an Investiture ceremony on December 7, 2017 at Buckingham Palace Getty