Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran's third album Divide has been breaking countless records REUTERS/Neil Hall

Following the success of his third album, Divide, Ed Sheeran started trending on Twitter on Wednesday − this time though, for all the wrong reasons. The pop star unwittingly found himself linked to anal sex after an invitation to listen to his new record was given the x-rated treatment.

The madness started after Radio 1 host Greg James started an online campaign for Comic Relief, urging fans to donate by texting LOL to 70703. "In honour of #Susanalbumparty, we're having an impromptu #Sheeranalbumparty. Gonna listen to some of Ed's album #LOLathon [sic]," he told his 1.48m followers.

"Stuff like this is Radio 1 at it's best. Judging by the reaction, you all agree too! See you at 2ish after sleep. Play on boys! #LOLathon [sic]."

Within minutes fans took to social media to point out the lewd gag.

One wrote: "#SheeranAlbumParty – that's fine, Ed #SheerAnalBumParty – oh dear"

Another added: "Whoever devised #sheeranalbumparty is either having a joke or really doesn't get how Twitter works..."

Back in 2012, promoters for Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle inadvertently sent Twitter into a tailspin when they launched the hashtag #susanalbumparty. Members of the online community couldn't help but notice that it could be read as "Su's anal bum party."

But it's unlikely that the online filth will stop Sheeran from revelling in the success of Divide. The project, touted as his been work yet, earned the flame-haired guitar-strummer nine songs in the top 10. The album, which includes tracks like Shape Of You and Castle On The Hill, is now the fastest-selling album by a male artist.