Incidents of alligator attacks in South Carolina aren't very common but an incident happened on Monday night around 10 pm in Sun City in Beaufort County. An elderly woman was walking her dog between her and her neighbour's yard. The alligator tried to get the dog but the woman protected the dog. She suffered severe injuries on her wrist, hands, and legs. She was immediately taken to Memorial Health in Savannah for treatment.

The incident was reported to the police on Tuesday. Beaufort County Sheriff's Office told ABC News about the attack and the injuries that the lady had to suffer but didn't reveal the severity of the incident.

The nine-foot long alligator was then caught by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. The Sheriff's office has reminded the residents to be more careful during the evening while walking by ponds, rivers or any body of water.

The officers gave a statement saying, "Though these type of incidents are infrequent, we urge Beaufort County residents and guests to be mindful of alligators and to please be careful when walking near ponds and lagoons—especially at night when visibility is limited," they also wished for the speedy recovery of the woman.

Alligator Man Louisiana
Alligator Man Louisiana Charles LeDoux

The incident has left people shocked.

In another such incident in the Philippines, a young boy was killed by an alligator on Sunday. The 10-year-old was dragged by an alligator into the swampy waters off a marshland in Palawan province. Even after an overnight search, the boy couldn't be found. The next morning, his half eaten body was found in a mangrove swamp, police said.

CAN reported that the human population has severely invaded the creature's territory and displaced them into even smaller stretches of swamps. Jovic Pabello, a government spokesman who is working on conserving the environment of Palawan island group said, "Since 2015, we've never had a year with zero (crocodile) attacks, It's a conflict on water use."

The recent incidents question the lack of space that animals are getting in their natural habitat. Human encroachment into their land has increased and the rise in attacks is a clear indication that conservation regulations need to be implemented.