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The Libertarian Party UK would like Britain to be more like low-tax Switzerland Reuters

Libertarianism is on the rise among young people in the UK. Luckily for them, there's a libertarian party standing in the May elections. As part of a series profiling minor parties, IBTimes UK speaks to the Libertarian Party UK.

Andrew Withers, party leader.

A registered political party founded in 2008 that is classically liberal, small state, low tax.

We are founder members of the IALP, the International Association of Libertarian Parties. The founding conference was held in Bournemouth, with members from American, Czech, French, German, Russian, Canadian, South African, Belgian, Dutch, Swiss, Italian and Spanish parties in attendance in March 2015.

A written constitution, electoral reform, reduction of the state.

We have 15 candidates standing at local level from Tyneside to the south coast. We stood for parliament in 2010 but under first-past-the-post, this is a waste of time and funds.

We have had a number of councillors successfully elected and we would like to increase those numbers.

Very much like Switzerland with power devolved from Whitehall, Direct democracy and referenda. See our manifesto.