Nigel Farage talked up Ukip's demands after the election but insisted: "I don't want a ministerial car."

The Ukip leader was quizzed on LBC radio on the first day of the final week in campaigning in the election campaign.

He ruled out entering a coalition government like the Liberal Democrats did with the Conservatives in 2010 but insisted: "I want to drive the agenda."

A handful of Ukip MPs in parliament would likely mean something like a confidence and supply agreement between the anti-EU party and the party with the most seats.

Setting the terms of any such deal, Farage said cutting the deficit was key. He said: "I would start by saying 'let's look at your budget deficit reduction plans. Are you serious?" The biggest lie of the campaign is the economy has done well. International debt has doubled in five years."

A referendum by the end of 2015 would also be a key component in any agreement involving Ukip should the election return a hung parliament.

Farage said: "We would support you on your budget if we can see serious deficit reduction plans. In return for that, what we would want is for a referendum to be held by the end of this year. There's no point in waiting to 2017."

The Ukip leader also restated his anger in what he claimed was bias by the BBC in its election coverage, saying he was "angry" the broadcaster did not report Ukip's housing policy.

Addressing a listener about what attracts migrants to Britain, Farage said countries from the former eastern bloc that were no longer ruled from Moscow faced a "bleak future". According to the anti-EU leader, countries such as Lithuania faced depopulation because young workers left for the promise of better wages and opportunities.

Farage hit out at union chief Len McCluskey who branded Ukip "racist" and a threat to community relations in Britain.

"Threats, intimidation and violence all based on a wilful lie that Ukip are a bunch of racists," he fumed. "He is terrified our message is beginning to resonate more with his member than his is and that's what he's terrified about."