Russell Brand has tried his hand at becoming a political inquisitor after he interviewed Labour leader and wannabe prime minister Ed Miliband.

The comedian, during the 16-minute-long video for his YouTube channel The Trews, quizzed Miliband on array of issues.

The pair clashed when Brand argued politicians cannot wield influence at a "geopolitical level". Miliband strongly disagreed and told the 39-year-old actor that he was incorrect.

The Labour leader also stressed he was standing in the general election to make "credible change" in Britain.

Brand "completely" agreed with Miliband and said "people don't want euphoria this time. People want security and stability and an end to this fear".

The comedian fell short of endorsing Miliband, but seemed to warm to the Labour leader. He told his subscribers, which totals more than a million people: "I think we learnt about Labour, we learnt a lot about Ed Miliband. It's not a perfect interview but personally I found it a very interesting experience.

"And I think it says a lot about Ed Miliband that he understands the way the media works now, the way that the country feels at the moment, that he was prepared to come around here and talk to us."

The full video was published after Miliband was snapped leaving the celebrity's flat in Shoreditch, east London, on 27 April.

The picture, posted to social media site Twitter, went viral and even prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to label the actor a "joke".

But Brand hit back by making a reference to the Tory leader's football team mix-up after Cameron accidentally claimed he supported West Ham United instead of Aston Villa.

The Hammers fan said: "Don't be jealous Dave – I'll run into you at West Ham – when you're not busy with "ordinary people."

Underneath the comment, Brand posted an infamous photo of Cameron posing alongside members of Oxford University's elite Bullingdon Club in the 1980s.