Sheffield Hallam is on the brink of electing its first ever Labour MP after voters in the Yorkshire constituency turned their back on Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.

General election 2015: Sheffield Hallam constituency candidates

Nick Clegg - Liberal Democrats

Steve Clegg - English Democrats

Oliver Coppard - Labour

Peter Garbutt - Green

Joe Jenkins - Ukip

Carlton Mark Reeve - Independent

Ian Walker - Conservative

Jim Wild - Independent

Earlier this month, a Lord Ashcroft Poll into Lib Dem battlegrounds put Clegg two points behind Oliver Coppard, the upstart Labour candidate hoping to turn the seat red.

Victory for Coppard would be a major blow for the Lib Dems and Clegg. The deputy prime minister was re-elected in 2010 with a huge 53.4% majority, with the Conservatives and Labour in second and third with 23% and 16% respectively.

But the tables seem to have turned and after five years in power, Clegg's showing on 7 May could come to represent how he and party have sunk since the hysteria of "Cleggmania".

As part of our series of films from marginal constituencies, IBTimes UK went to Sheffield Hallam to investigate why momentum had shifted.