Elon Musk
After revealing that he might not vote for Joe Biden, Elon Musk has seemingly endorsed Donald Trump. Wikimedia Commons

With the US presidential elections around the corner, Elon Musk has endorsed former US President Donald Trump in a significant statement. Notably, Trump is poised to challenge the incumbent, Joe Biden, in the 2024 United States elections.

The ever-controversial tech mogul stated that the US now requires a red wave. He further contended that the nation would be in dire straits if the Republican party fails to emerge victorious in the 2024 election, stating that the country "is toast."

In an X post, Musk remarked, "I voted 100% Dem until a few years ago. Now, I think we need a red wave, or America is toast." Musk has levelled accusations against Biden, alleging his failure to address the Southern border crisis. He also believes that the Democrats are "controlled by the unions."

The Tesla chief, who had acknowledged voting for Biden in the 2020 election, shifted his stance towards Biden after Tesla was excluded from the president's 2021 electric vehicle summit.

"I think I would not vote for Biden. I'm not saying I'd vote for Trump," Musk told moderator Andrew Ross Sorkin at The New York Times Dealbook Summit in November.

Also, he recently confided to former CNN host Don Lemon that he is "leaning away" from endorsing Biden in the presidential race.

Elon Musk hasn't dismissed the possibility of endorsing Trump

During The New York Times Dealbook Summit in November, Musk said he would not vote for Biden. However, he also clarified that he is not planning to endorse Trump either. Musk and Trump confirmed their recent meeting at the residence of a mutual acquaintance following reports suggesting that the ex-US president is seeking new donors for his campaign.

"I was at a breakfast at a friend's place and Donald Trump came by, that's it," Musk told former CNN host Don Lemon in an interview that aired on March 18.

"I'm not paying his legal bills in any way, shape or form. And he did not ask me for money," Musk said in the interview.

In his conversation with Lemon, Musk clarified that Trump did not request any financial assistance. He also asserted that he would not cover Trump's legal fees under any circumstances. On the other hand, Trump believes he won't get support from Musk due to their "opposing views" on electric cars.

It is worth noting that Musk has not ruled out the possibility of endorsing the former president. "I want to make a considered decision before the election, and if I do decide to endorse a candidate, then I would explain exactly why," he said.

Moreover, the 52-year-old business magnate stepped forward to defend his recent statement regarding a potential "bloodbath" if he loses in the election. In earlier March, The Washington Post reported that Trump had proposed selling his social media platform, Truth Social, to Musk.

The report, citing two unnamed sources, claims the offer was made last summer when Musk was already leading X (formerly Twitter). The sources revealed that Musk and Trump discussed the matter "more than was previously known." Reportedly, Trump told his confidants that Musk should acquire Truth Social despite the unsuccessful negotiations.