Rescue workers in Worcestershire put their skills to good use on Monday (11 April), saving a cat that got stuck in a chimney. The Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service was called when the cat, named Snitch, was heard meowing from inside the chimney at a residence in North Littleton, according to a media report.

Deftly removing some bricks, the rescue workers were greeted by the face and paws of the happy cat, who was soon removed safely. "What a purr-fect rescue," the emergency service said in a post on Facebook, showing a firm grasp of time-honoured cat puns.

And they didn't stop there, adding: "Yesterday, our crews were called out to an incident that could have been a cat-astrophe after a moggy became stuck in a chimney. Luckily, our firefighters were able to rescue the cat by removing internal bricks. The thankful moggy was then left with the owner."

The cat belongs to 68-year-old Roger Gardner and his wife Susan. It is thought Snitch had slipped in from the chimney pot. Paws for thought next time, we hope.