Trevor Bayliss is "all for" Jos Buttler appearing in this year's IPL tournament. The England coach is keen for his players to develop their white-ball skills in the world's premier T20 tournament and has confirmed Buttler will be free to star in the event in India.

Buttler has been replaced as England's Test match wicket-keeper by Jonny Bairstow, and Bayliss said the scenario has created a window of opportunity for him to play IPL cricket. The 25-year-old right-hander has been linked with the Kolkata Knight Riders, the team formerly coached by Bayliss.

"If the opportunity arises and Buttler is not in the Test team and that IPL window is a possibility, I'd be all for it," Bayliss said, according to Cricinfo. "It's something we've spoken about. Personally I'd think it would be something similar along the lines of Adil Rashid.

"If Jos is in the Test team he'll be playing Test cricket for England. He definitely wants to play more Test cricket for England which is great. But obviously Jonny's there at the moment."

Meanwhile, Bayliss has also praised Bairstow's performance in the second Test match against South Africa, in which he shared a record-breaking partnership with Ben Stokes. However, Bayliss admitted Bairstow still needs to improve his wicket-keeping.

"Certainly his wicket-keeping is a work in progress, but I think our other wicket-keepers are as well. Plenty of other wicket-keepers around the world have started off their international careers not in the greatest fashion but ended up pretty decent keepers. It's only fairly early in Jonny's wicket-keeping career," he said.

"He works very, very hard at it and I'd expect over a period of time for him to get better. Both Jonny and Jos work terribly hard on their keeping. I'd expect over a period of time for him to get better.

"He knows the number one reason he is in the team is to keep wicket. So that is definitely a focus of ours: to make him better, as it is with Jos as well. And we know that both of them, in form, can quite possibly play in this Test team as a batter anyway. So it's all in front of both of them."