When the Premier League starts its first phase of post-lockdown training, a number of rules are to be followed by the clubs and their players.

First of all, tackling will be banned. Pitches would be disinfected and players would be restricted to groups of five.

On Tuesday, the official protocols were sent to the clubs, their players and managers. It clearly states that social distancing should be "strictly observed."

BBC obtained the information and revealed the details in a report.

After each session of training, playing surfaces, balls, corner-flags, goalposts and even cones would be disinfected. Such regulations have been brought into place to restrict any further spread of the novel coronavirus.

The league bosses are hoping that training could possibly begin on Monday, with the time limit restricted to just 75 minutes per session.

According to reports, the ongoing safety measures include twice-weekly testing, as well as a daily pre-training questionnaire, along with a temperature check.

It is understood that players have been told that a central register of COVID-19 test results will be maintained.

They have also been informed that although coronavirus would lead to a minor illness in the majority, certain additional aspects of this infection must be considered before the players resume their high-intensity exercise.

Among the specific assessments that might be considered for players who had contracted the disease include tests for any lung or heart complications.

Among the control measures that have been recommended include "meticulous personal hygiene and use of PPE [personal protective equipment], no congregation in communal areas, including but not limited to medical rooms and gym areas".

Players have been told that they cannot share transportation with anyone while travelling to and from the training ground. The clubs were told that the vehicle interiors must be cleaned regularly. Team vehicles and public transport are to be forbidden.

The PFA has heard from several players, who have health conditions such as asthma, to find out if they have concerns about returning to training.

Jonjo Shelvey
Tackle not allowed in Premier League training Henry Browne/Getty Images

On Wednesday, a meeting between the Premier League, the players, medical staff and the PFA would be conducted where everything regarding resumption of the season and potential health safety measures are to be discussed.

The teams have to wait for government approval before they can continue to the next stage of training, when contact would be permitted.