As recent alarming developments unfold across the EU, I have been struck by the startling similarities in both personality and background of the truly powerful figures that seemingly operate behind the scenes.

Our minds are accustomed to think in parameters that stood us well up to the end of the last century. Right vs left, aggressor against innocent victim, capital oppressing labour; and so it goes on. Yet today, those in charge of the chaos they are creating appear to have perfected a system whereby they can seem all things to all men. This they largely achieve across Europe through the deliberately created muddle and mishmash of institutions and powers that are the EU.

High-profile appointees to the temporary posts of prime ministers or presidents of the newly subjugated and puppet states, such as Greece and Italy, have appeared in the corridors of power behind the scenes of the EU for some years; particularly obviously in the case of Mario Monti, rather than Lucas Papademos. But who exactly are the chess players manoeuvring these pawns across what has become the giant playing surface of Western Europe and this past week even ordering the sequestration of depositors' savings in bank accounts, supposedly EU or ECB guaranteed?

Do Messrs Monti and Papademos aspire to one day join the ranks of former socialists Blair and Mandelson, just as supposed Conservatives former EU Commissioner Patten, PM Cameron and EU Commissioner Barnier also seem to march to the same tune as their presumed socialist predecessors? The latter two, presently much further down the ladder to collectivist power.

How, for example, was any nod or wink transmitted to Eddie Mair for his demolition of London mayor Boris Johnson last Sunday or were any really necessary? Mair's background, ambitions, "Scottish-ness", and the deliberately created uncertainty over Andrew Marr's succession were presumably sufficient to accomplish BBC chief and Oxford chancellor Patten's clear aims for the furtherance of the EU project by any means necessary. Thus the tyranny is advanced with the perpetrators' aims magically accomplished with no link or intermediary even required.

All such aspiring foot-soldiers for the EU seem blindly prepared to lend their weight wherever the EU project leads; although in Michel Barnier's case, his original national president having since been replaced by a socialist, his main zeal in destroying the City of London can remain an unarguable nationalist constant. In the main, however, politics as we once knew them have long since ceased to exist.

National traitor Edward Heath

Given this, we must take a much closer look at those who followed a similar earlier path and in turn uncover the real EU controllers. In different ex-countries of the EU it will be another list. For Britain it leads back to generations of Eurocrats and commissioners, such as Socialist Kinnock through faux Conservatives, such as the barons, Leon Brittan and Christopher Tugendhat, all the way to the ultimate national traitor, Edward Heath.

Take a glance at the weird timeline on Twitter of a fairly recently formed organisation called the BNE Group. This group comes to mind in particular, for it has just issued a report on Britain and the EU, which it fervently supports and extols. Looking behind it we can discern some of the figures pushing the ghastly reality of the EU - which we can today perceive in its true light - particularly in Cyprus over recent months.

BNE Group was set up in 2006 by Roland Rudd, whose links to Peter Mandelson, European Commissioner for Trade 2004-08 and Tony Blair were first revealed in an article in The Resident, a London publication for the area in which Rudd lived. Strangely, this article is now not easily linkable on the internet, but was quoted on my own blog, Ironies Too, in January in a post entitled "The Blair/Mandelson/Patten Conspiracy on the EU rolls on", and is as follows:

"Rudd was now a major mover and shaker, with connections in the City and also in politics; most notably at the top of New Labour, where he enjoyed privileged access to Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson...

"Is there, indeed, any activity in which Rudd is not involved? Famously, he was one of the so-called 'wise men' who in 2007 advised Blair on what he should do after resigning as prime minister."

So how can it be that individuals supposedly from opposite extremes of the political spectrum in Britain so seamlessly continue the wheeler- dealer shenanigans that we have been witnessing over Britain's place in the EU, even following a changeover to supposed coalition government? This link from an associated organisation to that of Rudd's BNE should provide a clue: British Brussels Network!

Another front for the pro-EU activities in Britain is at the LSE. The school's Prof Alan Manning was interviewed on Sky News's Jeff Randall Live where he sought to justify the levels of immigration into the UK under the last Labour government and largely permitted to continue by the coalition on the grounds that it is required under EU law.

Manning never once mentioning that such law has only one possible conceivable purpose - to undermine and destroy the strands which silently form and permit the "nation state" to survive and prosper - the very structure these discreet and secretive collectivists are determined to undermine. Manning laughably argued with Randall that any housing shortage caused by immigration could be rectified by bringing in ever more immigrants to build yet more houses for the next wave.

So the enemies of ordinary people, who last week mistakenly showed their hands with plans to steal savings in Cyprus, are the very ones who have destroyed our democracy and joined the political parties together in a pro-EU trifle to ensure our powerlessness. When the price has to be paid, I hope my researches will at least point you in the direction of the perpetrators. It is not the bankers - for they are the dupes as well.

Who are left to bring this home to a wider public? Only independent bloggers, which is presumably why we have now become the prime target for the legislation proceeding through Parliament following the Leveson Inquiry.

Martin Cole runs several politically themed blogs, mainly Ironies Too, and tweets and comments about the erosions of liberty