Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson
Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson will go head to head in tonight's ITV EU debate Getty

The Remain and Leave camps went head-to-head on Thursday night (9 June) as the referendum draws close over the pros and cons leaving the European Union.

Boris Johnson was joined by fellow Brexiters Andrea Leadsom and Gisela Stuart, from Vote Leave, while SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon teamed up with Labour's Angela Eagle and the energy secretary Amber Rudd from the Remain campaign.

The six appeared on ITV's two-hour debate between 8 and 10pm, moderated by journalist Julie Etchingham. Last time, David Cameron and Nigel Farage took part in a 60-minute Q&A session that played out to an average of four millions viewers.

IBTimes UK's senior politics reporter Ian Silvera provided analysis from the Spin Room in Westminster.


It looks like we experienced some audio difficulties on Facebook Live but stayed with IBTimes UK for all the reaction and fallout from a feisty debate.


And that is the end of ITV's second televised debate, one that was more fiery and personal than that between David Cameron and Nigel Farage.

Stay tuned for politics reporter Ian Silvera's reaction from the Spin Room...


And finally...

Leadsom: Bright future awaits us if we take back control...We will once again have democracy, control over borders and who comes into this country...EU is yesterday's game, with heart and head I urge you to take back control.

Rudd: Complete fantasy from Leave reminds me of Wizard of Oz - when you pull back curtain there is nothing there...There are 14 days to go, we have strong place in Europe.

Stuart: This is our last chance to take back control. If you would not vote now to join, vote to leave. We don't have to trade between trade and democracy...A vote to remain is dangerous...I am an immigrant and I would not dream of talking down this country.

Sturgeon: We have gained longest period of peace, largest single market, workers' rights, freedom for all of us to travel in Europe, ability to work together on issues like climate change...Lets keep hold of all these gains.

Boris: Whole campaign between Leave - offering hope - and Remain - that offers fear...We are a great country...We say we can take back control of money, tax, trade, borders and democracy.

Eagle: Experts say leaving will damage economy and cost jobs...Those of you at home who have suffered from cuts, this is your chance to give the Tories a bloody nose.


On nature of EU campaign...

Boris: They want United states of Europe. EU had its purpose once, it's time to come out...The reality is that whenever Brussels asks for money who have had to cough it up...The better we do the more we pay in...We have no protection from plans to go ahead with harmonising law and they will take us further and further into United states of Europe...We will be sucked into bailouts to keep Euro together...If we come out there is tariff free zone from Iceland to Russia, we are part of that.

Sturgeon: Apply your own common sense and your common sense will say remain...Every single country has a veto over Turkey joining EU...Norway and Switzerland pay into EU and have to abide by rules...We're in modern world, surely it's better for independent nations to work together...

Leadsom: We speak world's international, language, part of Commonwealth of 2.3bn consumers...the future when we vote to leave is very bright indeed...We do not control amount of money EU requires of us...

Eagle: This is a decision about jobs, workers' rights and that's why I've been concerned about myths from Leave campaign. It's not project fear to ask for answers from Leave about what future may look like...We are not in Schengen area and we can have best of both worlds...

Stuart: Status quo is not on the ballot paper...I think if you want to be stronger and safer you take control and vote leave...

Rudd: If you unpick it you have a free market. No tariffs, no costs. That means lower prices, more jobs and more money to spend on public services...


Chuka Umunna has responded to Boris Johnson's claim a majority of UK law is shaped in Brussels:


On sovereignty...

Sturgeon: Independent nations need to work together, that's what I stand for...What kind of dreadful message would it send if we cut ourselves off...We won't meet climate change targets unless we work together...independence and interdependence are two sides of the same coin in the modern world...I am not betraying anyone when I say I want Scotland to be an independent country

Leadsom: You need to be able to sack us. Problem with being in EU is that that can't happen. You can't get rid of them...We are unable to get rid of VAT on fuel bills because of EU.

Eagle: To me it means having confidence to project values in international world. Achieve more working together...If we came out of EU, pension funds would still want to invest in EU...Are we going to turn our backs on the rest of the world

Stuart: To me the essence is you can get rid of us. But in current structure of EU a whole lot of decisions are made without that ability...Of course we will still be part of the organisations like the UN and the Security Council

Rudd: At Paris summit the UK was leading EU...we don't want to tackle air pollution on our own because it is an international problem

Boris: We can have that influence and more if we come out of the EU. No one else in the world is there a fusing of nations like this...We you look at VW scandal that was classic collusion between EU, lobbyists and car manufacturers - a disaster caused by a lack of democracy...



"Have we just witness the first big gaffe of ITV's EU referendum debate? Angela Eagle, the shadow business secretary, cited Barbara Castle as a champion of women's and workers' rights. But wait...Castle, a Labour MP, campaigned alongside Tony Benn to quit the EEC, a precursor to the EU, in 1975." - IBTimes UK's Ian Silvera


On workers' rights

Stuart: EU is of Eurozone which is producing unemployment. Rights meaningless without a job

Eagle: People more likely to have a job in the EU. Why trade unions are campaigning to remain

I've sat on council of ministers and I've made good deal by compromise

We would not have European Arrest Warrant without EU

Boris: We have said we want to protect the rights of workers. Our courts and parliament uphold rights of women and everyone at work.

Our side is determined to protect rights of workers...Does Remain accept all 2,000 regualtions from Brussels?

Sturgeon: Boris is only interested in David Cameron's job

Rudd: When we talk about Farage, would we want him to stand up for women's rights?

Leadsom: This is the lowest of the low. We are trying to give sensible information. Sturgeon wants to stay so EU can overrule a democratically elected government

Stuart: What tells you that European Commission will be continuous guardians of women's rights


Half-time analysis

Here's what IBTimes UK's Ian Silvera makes of things so far:

The two teams are attempting to link the different issues back to their strongest points. For Leave, that's immigration. For Remain, that's the economy.

Remain say a strong NHS requires a strong economy, while Leave warn rising net migration levels are putting lots of pressure on the health service.


Rudd: We need to stay in the EU to enable a strong economy that can fund a strong EU

Sturgeon: I think Remain will be better for NHS. More likely to be treated by an immigrant than you are to be led next to one on a hospital bed

Boris: GPs told me pressure from EU accession countries. Remain have no answer to when the migratory crisis gets worse

Eagle: A lot of pressure comes from disastrous top-down reorganisation from the last government

Rudd: Undecided should look to experts and in the case of the NHS they say we should remain

Sturgeon: Do not trust a word Boris Johnson says about the NHS. The fact that UK government has cut has is not the fault of the EU or migrants

Leadsom: If we take back control we will have the skills and take a huge slug of money back

Boris: No one can say EU is an economic nirvana...During ambulance crisis there were not enough paramedics in London who could speak good enough English.

Eagle: I never thought I would say this but I agree with John Major

Sturgeon: If you're a nurse in the NHS you get paid holidays, maternity leave - these are valuable workers' rights

Eagle: Our health service would not work without migrants

Leadsom: Let's go back to money. ONS very clear - £10.1bn goes to the EU for what we get absolutely nothing back


Here we go on the NHS...


Vote Leave has sent in some reaction, the main points of which are:

  • The SNP has admitted the UK could succeed outside the EU
  • Nicola Sturgeon opposed a referendum on the EU
  • The IN campaign used to admit you could control immigration without harming the economy
  • The Head of the In campaign has admitted there is no risk in leaving
  • Three million jobs are not at risk


Eagle: 9/10 economists have predicted if we leave there will be another recession

Boris: Lord Rose said nothing much would happen if we left EU. I'm inclined to believe PM before project fear kicked in who said UK could prosper

Sturgeon: Remain would mean access to market of 500m, not 65m. It makes sense to stay

Stuart: We will end up having to pay for bailouts of ailing countries if we remain. The UK is world's fifth largest economy and we will do better if we leave

Rudd: Jobs are central to this and small businesses matter. 9/10 experts and Mark Carney form consensus: it is better to remain

Stuart: Experts are the voters and Anthony Bamford was right today

Sturgeon: I don't fancy the prospect of a future of Boris as PM...

Boris: In last 20 years 27 non-EU independent countries did better at exporting services into the single market than the UK

Leadsom: 80% of world's economies are out of the single market and they are some of the fastest growing in the world

Rudd: The reason why Leave don't like experts is because they don't have any

Sturgeon: Boris says we will stay in the single market, says who? Leave is perpetuating a lie and it is not on

Stuart: Trade will go on. We are fifth largest economy

Rudd: It takes 2-3 years to execute trade deals. We need to be at the front of the queue. We should be leading, not leaving

Eagle: They want to take hue risks with millions of people's jobs. You only care about one job, your next one



Eagle: Government has got to pull up their socks to alleviate pressures up and down the country

Boris: 10% growth in immigration = a 2% hit on wages

Rudd: You don't save money by leaving the EU

Eagle: It does not cost £350m to be member of the EU and you've emblazoned that across your bus. TUC says we get £10 for every £1 we put into the EU

Sturgeon: Boris, who said he wanted to charge for using the NHS now defending it

Eagle: Get that lie off your bus!

Leadsom: That 350m a week is what the ONS says is due to the EU. EU controls rebate and subsidies and £10bn goes to EU that we never see again

Rudd: Bus is pure fantasy

Boris: We are talking about cold, hard cash

Etchingham: I am going to draw a line!

Phew, thanks Julie!


Boris makes his point on immigration but found himself up against Nicola Sturgeon, who blamed the Conservatives and their austerity programme for adding pressures


Rudd: There is no silver bullet to immigration

Boris: 10,000s immigration is impossible to do in the EU. 77,000 people came to the UK last year without a job.

Sturgeon: Open inclusive economies tend to be stronger economies

Stuart: points system means you have control. What we have now is mainland EU of 500m workers who have right to come here

Eagle: Boris voted with Conservatives to have huge cuts and that is where huge pressure is coming from


Stuart: If we leave EU and introduce Aussie system we can protect public services and you the voter will have control


Sturgeon: EU migrants bring in much needed skills

2m British citizens in EU countries but we don't call them migrants we call them expats


Leadsom: EU is uncontrollable immigration

BoE says immigration has dampening affect on people's wages

We need to take back control


Rudd: Only number Boris is interested in is Number 10

The right answer is David Cameron's approach - negotiating special status


Boris: Aussie-style would let skilled people

Current system discriminates against those outside EU


Eagle: Important immigration is properly managed and if we get it wrong it leads to pressures in communities

Australian point system would put immigration up


Quick preview from the Spin Room by pro-EU environment secretary Liz Trust

"I think David Cameron put across a very strongly why staying in the EU is vital for our economic future and the future of our children and that's what I'm expecting more of tonight because that's a core concern for the people who are voting in this referendum."

What about the claims the Remain campaign have been scaremongering?

"Well, if you look at what economists are saying, 90% of economists are saying that it would be economic damaging if we were to leave the EU and it would have a real effect on people's incomes. I think it's absolutely right when people go into that polling station that they understand that."