The final rallying cries of the EU referendum campaigns will be heard on the streets and airwaves of the UK today on the eve of the historic 23 June vote.

The final push comes after leading Remain and Leave supporters clashed during the BBC's Great Debate last night, with Vote Leave campaigner Boris Johnson pitted against the Labour's new Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson.

Johnson has appeared on TV again this morning, branding the EU "out of control" on Sky News, while Prime Minister David Cameron told LBC Radio viewers: "We'll be stronger, we'll be safer and we'll be better off [staying inside the 28-nation-bloc]."

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is also expected to make a final speech alongside Khan, Carwyn Jones, the First Minister for Wales, Kezia Dugdale, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, and Alan Johnson, chair of Labour In for Britain at an eve of poll London rally.

"By voting to remain we can protect jobs linked to Europe, defend workers' rights from Tory leaders who want to scrap them, and safeguard our NHS from the threat of runaway Tory cuts and privatisation," the left-winger will say.

It is thought, stripped of their tribal loyalties, Labour voters will be critical to the result of the referendum. Joe Twyman, head of political research at YouGov, told IBTimes UK that immigration and the economy had been the two main issues in the EU referendum campaign.

"If you support Leave, then sovereignty and immigration are top and if you support Remain, it's the economy," the polling expert said.

"That doesn't mean immigration isn't important to people who wish to Remain or that the economy isn't important for people who want to Leave, it's just about priorities and it's those priorities that might shift in the final days. But we won't know until polling day itself."

The latest telephone opinion poll from Survation, of more than 1,000 people on 20 June, put Remain on 45% (=) and Leave on 44% (+2), with 11% of respondents undecided.