England football fans in France watching Euro 2016 have been giving their opinions on the upcoming EU referendum. The UK public votes on 23 June, with many opinion polls showing it is on a knife edge between Leave and Remain.

The vote is coinciding with the Euro 2016 tournament held in France, which has been marred by fan violence involving English supporters. 33-year-old Chris D'Emanuele said he hopes this does not affect the vote.

"I think ultimately the result won't be affected by the Euros, we hoped it might foster some good will, but unfortunately, we've seen some bad news in the last kind of couple of weeks," he said.

Some fans enjoying the tournament in France say that while they like their European neighbours, they will still be voting Leave on 23 June. 50-year-old Richard Parry said, "I think for our age group, we've always been in Europe, I've never known any difference. So I think there is a chance that it might be better out than in and I've got children and I think it just might be better for them, it won't be better for me".

Parry's friend Chris Childs disagrees with him. He said "in his heart" he felt the UK is better off in the EU.

Childs added, "We live in Cornwall and we got a lot of money back from the EU. I don't trust the government in the UK to be as even-handed with the money as they are in Europe".

In the latest poll on the referendum, NatCen says the UK will vote 53% for Remain and 47% for Leave.