How do these kittens feel about Brexit? Getty

Everyone from Boris Johnson to David Beckham has made their opinion on the upcoming EU Referendum know, and now even cats are joining in the debate.

Animal lovers shared the hashtag #CatsAgainstBrexit on social media, taking the opportunity to explain why their feline friends thought EU membership was pawsome.

One pet owner wrote: ""Europe is like a snug-fitting cardboard box. Why leave?", while another said: "Otis is worried about overfishing depleting his precious tuna stocks."

"The Cutiecats really think that we have a chance to fight the vacuum cleaner if we stay together!" one Twitter user added.

However, one user pointed out: "Honestly I think cats would vote out, but then immediately miaow loudly to get back in again."

The hashtag appears to have been started by ailurophile Lilian Edwards, a law academic from Scotland, who wrote: "My cat is sad because #Brexit. If you agree RT w your cat. #CatsAgainstBrexit. Come on guys, viral time!!!"

Almost immediately after cat owners began adding their own pictures in support of the Remain campaign, Leave cat lovers began their own hashtag #CatsForBrexit, which saw one user comment: "#CatsAgainstBrexit ? Really? Cats love independence! Cats are #CatsForBrexit"

Another added: "Kitty dislikes rampant geopolitical bureaucracy of Brussels and is voting out #CatsAgainstBrexit."

Former MP Louise Mensch also got in on the cat campaign action, while MEP Daniel Hannan, who authored Why Vote Leave, took a picture of himself with his cat, captioning it: "I asked @RealGrumpyCat what she thought of #CatsAgainstBrexit. She wasn't impressed."