The Sun
Newspapers have come out in favour of either remaining or leaving the European Union The Sun

The Daily Mail wants to leave but The Mail on Sunday says we must remain. The Times backs David Cameron and staying in the European Union but The Sunday Times is on the side of Boris Johnson and a Brexit.

The EU referendum has divided opinion across the country and Britain's newspapers are no different. The Guardian was the final title to nail its colours to the mast after it unsurprisingly urged its readers to vote Remain on Thursday.

Sunday titles used their final editions before the vote to outline where they stood on the debate, revealing splits in newspaper stables.

Mail on Sunday
The Mail on Sunday urged its voters to vote remain on 23 June DMG Media

The Mail on Sunday told its readers now was not the time to leave and risk "peace and prosperity" in the UK while its sister publication, The Daily Mail, went the other way and supported the Leave vote.

Both The Guardian and Sunday sister The Observer backed Remain but over in Rupert Murdoch's camp there was a split when The Sunday Times said voting to exit the union would stop closer integration while The Times said the UK should remain in.

There was no such split at the Telegraph Media Group where both The Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph wants the UK to cut up its membership card while The Sun and The Sun on Sunday both think the country would be better off leaving.

Which way are the national press leaning?

The Sun - Leave

The Sun on Sunday - Leave

The Times - Remain

The Sunday Times - Leave

Daily Mail - Leave

Mail on Sunday - Remain

The Mirror - Remain

The Sunday Mirror - Remain

The Express - Leave

The Sunday Express - Leave

The Guardian - Remain

The Observer - Remain

The Telegraph - Leave

The Sunday Telegraph - Leave