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EU Youth Unemployment Falls But Greece, Spain and Italian Bears the Brunt Reuters

Eurozone youth unemployment figures have dropped over the last month as more young people across a majority of the 28 nations have found work.

According to the European Union's official job data service, Eurostat, 5.129 million young people (under 25 years old) were out of work in June 2014, which is a 506,000 drop from the same month last year.

However, while the EU youth unemployment rate stood at 22% for June, a number of countries still bore the brunt of mass joblessness amongst youngsters.

In Greece, 56.3% of young people are without a job, while Spain followed in close second for having the largest percentage of its youngsters being unemployed (56.3%), while Italy came in third with 43.7%.

Meanwhile, Germany had the lowest youth unemployment rate with 7.8%, while Austria came in second with 9% and the Netherlands with 10.5%.

Overall, the eurozone unemployment edged lower to 11.5% in June 2014, from 11.6% the previous month.

This is the lowest rate recorded since September 2012.

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