The UK Home Secretary is the latest high-profile figure to urge English football supporters to avoid trouble in France after fighting erupted in Marseille around the team's 11 June clash with Russia. Theresa May declared that hooligans had "let their nation down" and carried out a "disservice to all genuine England fans", in a speech in the House of Commons on Monday (13 June).

"The violence in Marseille surrounding England's match with Russia was deeply disturbing. Seven English fans are still in hospital, two with very severe injuries and our thoughts are with them," May told MPs.

"The French authorities have had to deal with trouble involved with England supporters on Thursday, Friday and Saturday around the city and there were alarming clashes around the stadium at the end of the match.

She added: "The French and UEFA will rightfully be asking themselves certain searching questions about how it was that segregation of fans within the Vélodrome Stadium broke down.

"There will be lessons to learn surrounding the wide police operation and I'm in no doubt that co-ordinated groups of Russian supporters bare a heavy responsibility for instigating violence.

"However, we must also ensure that we have our own house in order. Some among the England contingent in Marseille behaved inexcusably. Anyone who has travelled to France in order to cause trouble has let down their nation and does a disservice to all genuine England fans."

The comments come after England manager Roy Hodgson and team captain Wayne Rooney released a video plea to supporters, warning that ruling body UEFA could disqualify the team from the Euro 2016 tournament.

"We worked very hard to get here and we want to stay in the competition," Hodgson said. "I'm appealing therefore to all of our fans, and we appreciated your support at the matches of course, but I'm appealing to you to stay out of trouble to try and make certain these threats that are being issued are never carried out and we will be able to do the best we can to stay in the competition."

Elsewhere, a Northern Irish fan died after falling from a promenade in the south east coastal city of Nice. Darren Rodgers, 24, was reportedly from Ballymena, County Antrim.