• Samsung hope the 66-minute long movie will "get fans of slow cinema in a lather".
  • Produced jointly with composer Michael Nyman film brings "full power, soap and glory of the wash" to the screen.
  • World premier billed for London's Leicester Square before becoming available on YouTube.

Fans of the slow TV phenomenon, which has featured programmes which go on for several hours showing events such as a boat ride or reindeers pulling a sledge, could now look forward to what could be the latest improbable hit – more than an hour of nothing but a washing machine cycle.

The 66-minute video, believed to be the world's first feature length film starring a washing machine, will feature a "full uncensored, moment-by-moment footage" of a full wash cycle, complete with its own original score.

Composer Michael Nyman, known for producing the sound tracks to several films including the Oscar winning 1993 movie The Piano, has created one of his signature minimalist compositions to be played alongside the entire 66-minute continuous shot of the Samsung QuickDrive machine on a 40-degree wash.

Explaining his decision to participate in the project Nyman said: "I'm interested in the mechanical process, I'm interested in cycles and the way that I make musical cycles based on repetition and variation, and the correlation between that and what happens in the washing machine process."

Samsung said it came up with the idea after conducting its own research and discovering that British adults will spend an average of 1,481 hours watching the washing go round and round – the equivalent of 61 Days across a lifetime.

If you are wondering who would watch a video of a washing machine cycle, apparently the answer is a lot of people. If you were inquisitive enough, you will find there are already videos posted onto YouTube showing full cycles which have been viewed more than three million times.

Washing Machine – The Movie will have a world premiere at Leicester Square's Cineworld Theatre on 5 December 2017. The film will be available to watch free of charge via YouTube from 6 December.

washing machine
The full video will be uploaded onto YouTube on 6 December