When you meet someone for the first time, their initial appearance leaves an indelible impression on you. Smart dressing is the first step in making a good first impression. The prospect of changing your wardrobe may put off some people, but let's face it, you would have a better chance of succeeding at what you do if you looked better than the next person. We met with the experts at Suitablee, a Montreal-based tailoring firm, who outlined the most important things to consider when updating your wardrobe.

Suitablee Suitablee

Suitablee is the creation of two tailoring engineers and brothers, Jean-Sebastien Siow and Jean-Jeremie Siow, and a leading provider of tailored suits in Canada and the United States. Their company combines old-school tailoring with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to make stunning custom suits tailored to one's exact needs. Beyond cutting-edge AI design tools and online fitting technologies, the company's model is also one-of-a-kind. Moreover, in order to provide a guided customer experience in the delivery of their personalized suits, Suitablee also offers Zoom consultations and fabric samples while promoting personal style and design. With the ever-evolving reality of men's fashion, shopping, and style, the experts at the brand shared a few factors to consider when planning to revamp your wardrobe.

According to Jean-Sebastien, understanding your personal style and specific needs is the first crucial aspect to consider as you spend your day brutally assessing your wardrobe, pondering what to get rid of and what new to incorporate. "Even if you have a broad notion of what you prefer to wear on a daily basis, it's still necessary to evaluate your taste and fit it to your demands and ideal self-image," he explains. "When it comes to redesigning your wardrobe, there's no space for spontaneous purchases. So, you'll need to assess your style, silhouette, lifestyle, posture, as well as colors, sizes, and textures to help you create the appearance you want."

Next, Jean-Jeremie elaborates on the importance of learning how to use accessories. "Accessories, such as ties, belts, shoes, and jewelry, play an important role in personalizing your style and clothing. The market is inundated with accessories that may be used to change up your look and provide more options to meet different situations. When it comes to a wardrobe makeover, quality is also crucial. Quality clothing exudes elegance, and the lack of it can completely ruin a look," he explains.

As their final tip, the Siow brothers advise people to seek professional assistance from experts to help them put everything together in an appealing, authentic, and compelling fashion. "Seeking the guidance of a professional is the ultimate step in taking your fashion game to the next level," they explain.

There is an inexplicable sense of confidence and self-worth you can gain from a revamped wardrobe that expresses your personality. Here's hoping these insightful tips from Suitablee's experts help you in making the right decisions.