Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes are working harder than ever to ensure they maintain the advantage over their Formula One rivals. The 31-year-old, who was speaking at the Mobile World Live in Barcelona on 23 February, has won the last two world championships while Mercedes have won the last two constructors' championships.

"It gets harder and harder to continue to develop within the same envelope but they're consistently doing it and working as hard as they can to keep us ahead of the competition because it's easier to chase and catch up than it is to stay ahead. But I think we already started on the right foot and we've already got new bits on today," he said.

"And during those periods of time you don't want to show all your cards although you need them to test them; so people today, all the other teams are spying on each other.

"So every time we bring a new component like our floor today they would have taken loads of pictures of it and then they'll take it back to their engineers and if it's better they'll probably come up with a design of their own version of it and they'll test it on the wind tunnel to see if it works on their car. But by the time they do that, it's going to be a couple of months down the road so hopefully we'll have the advantage.

"The car feels great. I mean it feels very much the same, which is a good thing, but it has more downforce so it also sticks to the ground better and has a lot more power which you guys know what that's all about."

While speaking on stage, Hamilton was joined by the Mercedes chassis, which he drove in the 2015 Austin Grand Prix where he clinched his third world title. Hamilton could not believe it was a real car and took a selfie of himself with it to share with his followers on his social media platforms.