Facebook has just rolled out a quick bug-fix update for its Messenger app to fix a bunch of issues and make the app more reliable. Several reports on the internet suggest that the new update could indeed patch up the annoying sign-in issues with Facebook's Messenger app, although there is no mention of it in the official changelog.

Affected Facebook users who are unable to sign into the app due to 602 error messages are advised to install the latest bug-fix update (see download link below) on their devices to resolve numerous unspecified issues including the "Message Not Finished Sending" problem even when the app is closed.

The sign-in issues seem to have started late on 2 September (Wednesday), serving up 602 error to users trying to log into the Facebook Messenger, reports Windows Central. Although Facebook has not commented on this issue, it is likely that the latest update will address this issue.

Nevertheless, check out the complete changelog (below) for the latest Facebook Messenger update, before you download the same from the link provided:

  • See when your messages are delivered and seen.
  • Send and receive messages faster.
  • See when you're connected or still connecting
  • Messages you've sent will finish sending even when you close the app.
  • Fixed issues to make the app more reliable.

Download Facebook Messenger update via Windows Phone Store for Free