A video uploaded to Facebook that shows a three-year-old single-handedly delivering a lamb has been viewed on the social network over 3m times. Without so much as an 'ew' the little girl manages to help the ewe through giving birth before determining the gender of the lamb.

The girl puts both arms into the birthing ewe, up the shoulders and says she can "feel its head. " When the woman holding the camera asks "what have you got?" she replies "I've got lambs feet!"

The woman then asks "can you feel its nose?" to which the girl replies "don't think so."

Once the girl says she can feel the lamb's mouth the woman tells her to "pull away" and even though the girl says the lamb is "slippery" she manages to pull it out of its mother. When the lamb is out, the woman asks "boy or girl?" to which the three-year-old replies "I think she's a girl."