A Facebook video which shows a three-year-old white girl being racially bullied by her five-year-old black neighbours has gone viral and created an uproar across America.

The two video clips, entitled "When white people pi** black people off", show the toddler from Minneapolis getting beaten and spat at by the older girls, as she tries to play with them and share her toy with them.

The five-year-olds made the seemingly racist attack after being constantly encouraged by their 12-year-old brother, who was behind the camera.

According to a report in Mail Online, the video was originally posted by Facebook user Ray Wright on the social networking site. The account was later found to be a fake one, created by the 12-year-old boy.

As soon as the video was uploaded on Facebook, it went viral and has already been watched by more than 250,000 people. Many upset users interpreted the bullying as an act of racism and started backlashing on the black children's parents who have received multiple threats by random callers.

As an investigation began into the incident, it turned out that the parents of the children involved in the whole ordeal were absolutely clueless about it.

Parents of the children who bullied the little girl did not know the unfortunate incident took place, let alone the video being posted online and going viral.

Equally clueless were the parents of the victim, Mackenzie Peterson, until they were informed of the bullying by the father of the black girls, Eddie (name changed).

"I wasn't happy with the video, obviously," said Mackenzie's father, Shawn Peterson, to MyFoxTwinCities.

"I am disgusted with it", he added.

The toddler, seated on her triycle, can be seen being hit and pushed by the five-year-olds.

"Why you hitting yourself? Why you hitting yourself", the older boy who recorded the video is heard asking the toddler as one of his sisters makes the little girl hit herself by holding her hand.

Although the title of the video suggests so, at no point during the whole ordeal are the children heard hurling any sort of racist comments on the toddler.

It was only after the video went viral that the parents of both children were identified.

However, despite the incidence, Peterson and Eddie share a good relationship as neighbours and Peterson trusts Eddie with handling the situation the way it deserves to be.

"He's taking care of it. Trust me. He's a good father and everything like that, so I'm not worried about what he's doing over there", Peterson told FOX 9.

Contesting claims by online viewers that his children are racists, Eddie said he has not brought up his children to think or act that way.

"I honestly don't know where it comes from. We don't teach that in our household," Eddie said.

"We're not racist, none of that", he added.

The fathers of the children insist that the incident has been absolutely blown out of all proportion.

"She's not that way. You can see she's -- they're -- clearly getting coached through the whole situation," said Eddie about his five-year-old daughter.

"When I saw it, I was disgusted with the video -- very disgusted", he further said.

Eddie also said that his son is being disciplined following the incident and that he is being deprived the usage of Internet and television.

Police investigations into the matter were closed after officials were convinced there was no bigger issue.

[Video Credit: YouTube/WorldNews]