Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan at the trailer launch for Fan in Mumai, India YRF

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan's fandom spans continents. He is clearly one of the most popular celebrities in the world and his larger-than-life image can become difficult to deal with at times.

"Fortunately or unfortunately having worked in this space for 25 years, I have become larger than life. And yes it is difficult to get out of it at times," said SRK during a recent interview (via The Indian Express).

The actor, who plays a reel-life version of himself in his upcoming movie Fan, went on to explain how he deals with the pressure and perception that comes with his superstardom. "I am happy being Shah Rukh Khan. I can't take unkindly to being what I have become. I like that too."

Khan added: "When people work for a long time whatever is said about them by others becomes big. To say that I am a superstar or I do X is very weird. I just try to be happy in a film space and make people happy. It's very simple. When I do a love story, I love and when I do an aggression filled film, I become aggressive. I try to play them the way a common man would. Some of them are larger than life. When Maneesh (Sharma) told me the story or any other film that people tell me to do, what I try to achieve is keep it very normal and simple."

The Dilwale star also stated that he hopes people like him and his work in Fan, which is a slightly different film than what his audience and fan base is generally used to.