Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne
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A pregnant Australian woman has been left childless after a medical mix-up resulted in the wrong foetus being terminated in her womb.

The mother-to-be had decided to terminate one of her twins after doctors told her that it had a congenital heart defect, but also lost the healthy 32-week-old pregnancy when the wrong baby was injected.

Following the tragic mishap, which happened at the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne, the young woman then had to endure a three-hour emergency caesarean section to terminate the sick child.

According to Melbourne's Herald Sun newspaper, the young mother and her family are now reportedly struggling to cope with the blunder.

"She went to the hospital with two babies and now she has none," a friend said.

"She had the heartache of giving birth to her sick baby. She's traumatised."

The hospital released a statement saying: "This is a terrible tragedy and the hospital is deeply sorry for the loss suffered by the patient and her family."

A full investigation into the "distressing clinical accident" is now being conducted by the hospital.