In 2017, Anna Campbell left for Syria to join the Kurdish Women's Protection Units (YPJ). After fighting against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) for months, Campbell was killed in March 2018. Since the news of her death, her father Dirk Campbell, had been trying to repatriate her body for a proper burial.

Anna travelled to Syria via Lebanon to join the YPJ, an all-women unit of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG). Her YPJ unit was deployed to fight the ISIS in the besieged city of Afrin. It is believed that Anna lost her life when her unit was hit during a Turkish airstrike. Her death made her the eighth British citizen and the first British woman to have lost her life fighting ISIS in the country.

Dirk claims that the location of Anna's body is known and he wants to bring her body back to the United Kingdom for a proper burial.

YPJ fighters
Kurdish female fighters of the Women Protection Unit (YPJ) take part in a military training near Qamishli city ~ File Photo REUTERS/Massoud Mohammed

The grieving father from Lewes, East Sussex has already appealed to the Turkish and British government to help repatriate his daughter's body. The area where Anna's body is buried is now under Turkish control.

Instead of assisting the family in the grieving process, the Turkish embassy in London has not bothered to respond to Dirk's appeals. In an effort to get Anna's remains back, Dirk contacted the Member of Parliament of his area as well as the Foreign Office. Both interactions have failed to be fruitful since they only promised action but delivered no result.

The father of the fallen soldier claims that he has no option but to seek legal aid. He wants to take legal action against the Turkish government for failing to return Anna to her homeland. Without cooperation from the Turkish government, it is impossible to get back Anna's remains. Dirk is trying to raise funds which he will use to fight the legal battle against Turkey.

Dirk told Sky News that Anna wanted to see a better world and she knew that only actions would change the current scenario. Anna was willing to fight for the rights and freedom of other people. Dirk does not want the remains of his brave and determined daughter to "rot in the rubble of a ruined city."