The father of a Lebanese soldier, who was kidnapped and killed by al-Qaeda's Syrian wing, avenged his son's death by killing the nephew of the man he believes is responsible for his son's abduction and death. The man reportedly called a local news channel and admitted the revenge killing, saying that he took revenge because the state did not punish the culprits.

It is now feared that the killing could fuel existing tensions between the local Sunni and Shi'ite Muslim communities, Reuters reported.

The father of soldier Muhammad Maarouf Hamiyeh, Maarouf Hamiyeh, told Lebanese television station al-Jadid that he kidnapped and murdered the nephew of Mostafa al-Hujairi, who he believes had helped in the kidnapping and killing of his son. He said he dumped the dead body on his son's grave. He also told the channel that he would not rest until he has killed the others from the Hujairi family.

"We carried out the killing of the Hujairi son to avenge our martyred son. We carried the body and put it on the grave," he reportedly told an al-Jadid reporter.

"This is a direct confession. My son's blood was not shed in vain. If the Hujairi family retaliates, we will open fire upon the whole family," he added.

Hamiyeh's son was among a group of Lebanese soldiers and policemen who were abducted by Islamic State (Isis) and Nusra Front militants from the Lebanese border town of Arsal in August 2014. He was killed four months after his abduction. Several other soldiers were also reported to have been killed by the militants, some were released, but nine soldiers continue to be in their captivity.

Lebanon's National News Agency reported that the army was now hunting for Hamiyeh in his village in the Bekaa valley in eastern Lebanon.