IBTimes UK film critic Amy West takes a look at some of the most exciting new films hitting the multiplexes this month.


Based on the Marvel comics character (but nothing to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe), Deadpool sees Ryan Reynolds play Wade Wilson, a mercenary who gains superpowers after undergoing an experiment. Expect this foul-mouthed, violent and edgy comedy to be a very different superhero movie to the ones that cinema audiences are usually accustomed to.

Triple 9

The latest from Australian director John Hillcoat (The Road, Lawless), Triple 9 is a heist film following a group of criminals and corrupt cops who plan a daring robbery. This gritty urban thriller has an impressive ensemble cast that includes Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofer, Anthony Mackie, Aaron Paul, Normas Reedus, Woody Harrelson and Kate Winslet, the latter playing a Russian Mafia boss.


Based on the real-life story of Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, who was blacklisted during the McCarthy communist witchhunts of the 1950s, this biopic sees Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston in the title role. Helen Mirren, John Goodman and Louis CK round out the cast to tell the story of the writer who, against all odds, managed to pen some of the greatest movie scripts of all time, including Spartacus and Roman Holiday.

Zoolander 2

Some 15 years from the original comedy film, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell reunite for another ridiculous spin on the world of fashion. Kristen Wiig, Benedict Cumberbatch and Penelope Cruz join the cast this time for a story that centres on the world's most beautiful people dying with Derek Zoolander's iconic Blue Steel look on their face.