A majority of female voters see David Cameron as the most out of touch of the main party leaders (Reuters)
A majority of female voters see David Cameron as the most out of touch of the main party leaders (Reuters)

The Tory party is losing female voters because women believe David Cameron is too elitist and out of touch, according to a survey.

A poll by parenting website Mumsnet reveals that 42% of women said they would back Labour if there was a general election tomorrow, while just 29% would back the Conservatives.

Three years ago, a similar poll showed that 36% of women backed the Tory party, compared to 31% who supported Labour.

The Tories had a five-point lead among female voters at the last election, but Labour have achieved a thirteen-point swing - and the gap is even wider for specific age groups.

Among women aged between 18 and 34, Labour now have a majority 25-point lead. Ed Miliband's party also holds a 21-point advantage among women aged 35 to 54.

One of the reasons the Conservatives are losing female votes is they believe Cameron is too "out of touch", according to the poll conducted by Ipsos MORI.

Only a third of the women taking part in the survey said they are "satisfied" with Cameron's performance as prime minister.

However, the survey also suggests women are more likely to "like" Cameron (43%) than Miliband (34%).

The Labour leader also comes out badly from the poll, with half of women describing themselves as "dissatisfied" with Miliband's role as Labour leader. He is also seen as "less capable" than both Cameron and Nick Clegg.

The Liberal Democrats have lost even more female support than their coalition partners, from 26% at the 2010 election to just 11% in the most recent poll.

Justine Roberts, chief executive of Mumsnet, said: "On the key issues of the economy and employment and particularly where the cuts have fallen, women feel like there is a lack of someone looking out for their interests.

"One bit of the narrative [about Cameron] that stands up is this elitist Oxbridge-Eton man who doesn't quite get women."

Users on Mumsnet have also explained why they are dissatisfied with the three main party leaders. Describing Cameron, one user said: "I don't think he understands any issues relating to normal [not super-rich] people, let alone women."

Miliband is also described as "hard to like and weak at times" and Clegg is seen as "damaged goods in terms of integrity."

Labour's shadow home secretary and women's minister Yvette Cooper said: "We know David Cameron has a problem with women's lives - a real blind spot.

"They are being hardest hit by this government yet David Cameron and Nick Clegg don't seem to notice or care.

"Changes to maternity pay, child benefit and pensions all hit women harder."