Director Michael Bay has been teasing fans with images and videos from the sets of the Transformers: The Dark Knight. To keep the ball rolling, Paramount Pictures UK has just released the first official poster for the fifth instalment of the Transformers franchise.

The image shows Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, wielding a sword and ready to fight some sort of creatures. With the release of the image, the maker of the movie is probably hinting that the movie will have this scene. However, fans will have to wait for the release of the film to be certain about it.

As of now, nothing is known about the plot of the movie except that Megatron will play a major antagonist in the film.

Joblo speculates that the latest chapter of the franchise might deal with a magical artefact that is presented to Merlin — the sorcerer mentor to King Arthur in British mythology — by a Transformer. The website further speculates that the artefact could be something to do with the mythical sword Excaliber.

Mark Wahlberg is reprising his role of Cade Yeager, while Josh Duhamel plays Lieutenant Colonel Lennox and Isabela Moner is Izabella alongside series regulars Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson.

The movie will also see a new Transformer named Squeaks and another called Cogman.

The movie is scheduled to premiere in theatres on 23 June 2017.

Transformers 5
The cast of the movie includes Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager, Josh Duhamel as lieutenant colonel Lennox and Isabela Moner as Izabella Paramount Pictures