The social media page of the movie Transformers shares updates on Tuesdays about its upcoming sequel titled The Last Knight. But this time around a set of leaked images have surfaced online that reveal more than just updates. A series of photos featuring Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel and Laura Haddock have been shared on a fan page on Instagram.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, proceed at your own risk

Duhamel, whose character William Lennox returns to the franchises after missing from Age Of Extinction, is seen in action in a scene populated with CGI objects which would come alive in the editing room. But it is Wahlberg's character Cade Yeager, who seems to be in big trouble in the leaked images. The struggling inventor from the fourth movie appears to be trapped under a CGI object, which fans suspect is a dying transformer.

Most likely this sequence in the movie won't be on the ground. It'll be in the air. (📸):Bananadoc / Splash News/ATLANTICO PRESS #transformers5

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In another explosive image, he is seen climbing up a green object with flares flying around him. Many followers of the Instagram page are suspecting that the 45-year-old actor could be battling Dinobot in that particular scene.

Looks like a transformers head. What do you think? (📸):Bananadoc / Splash News/ATLANTICO PRESS #transformers5

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@markwahlberg and @laurajhaddock. (📸):Bananadoc / Splash News/ATLANTICO PRESS #transformers5 (7/19/16)

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Haddock was also spotted on the sets, however, her character's details are yet to be revealed. On Tuesday (19 July), the movie's official page released a behind-the-scenes video of a highway action sequence featuring helicopters, SUVs and Bumblebee.

Paramount Pictures has kept the plot of the movie a well-kept secret. In Age Of Extinction, Optimus Prime had ventured into outer space in search of the creators and the latest billboard promotion in New York, shows the Autobots leader wield his sword against a three-headed robotic monster in cosmos.

As of now, few things are confirmed, including the resurrection of Megatron and the addition of the new female lead Isabela Moner who will play Izabella, an orphan girl who befriends a tiny lost Cybertronian named Sqweeks.

After receiving severe criticism for the script of Transformers 4, Paramount hired a whole bunch of reputed writers – headed up by Akiva Goldsman – to churn out a story that will lead to success at the box office.

Anthony Hopkins and Tyrese Gibson will be seen playing impactful roles in Transformers 5. The movie is scheduled to premiere in theaters on 23 June 2017.