On December 21, an elderly man felt unwell at the Grosvenor shopping centre in Chester. Passer-by Nathan Roberts noticed the man and decided to help him out. Roberts realised that the man was having a heart attack and was in need of a defibrillator. When Roberts approached the nearest five-star hotel to borrow their defibrillator, he was refused. Roberts took to Facebook to share how the Chester Grosvenor refused to help the man. The hotel's management took to Facebook in an attempt to apologise for the incident.

The weekend before Christmas saw a large number of shoppers visiting Chester's Grosvenor shopping centre. Among the many shoppers was an elderly man who suddenly felt unwell. His evident distress alerted fellow shoppers as well as shop employees. Roberts was one of the people who decided to lend a hand to the elderly man and his wife.

In his Facebook post, Roberts narrated how he asked the man's wife if they needed help. Once he realised the man was having a heart attack, he started to look for a defibrillator. An employee of one of the shops alerted emergency services as well.

Chester Grosvenor refused to lend their defibrillator to an elderly man who had suffered a heart attack outside the hotel.

When Roberts approached the Chester Grosvenor for their defibrillator, they refused to lend it to him. In his Facebook post, Roberts called this act "disgusting" and more than 6000 people on the social media platform showed their agreement by sharing the post and commenting on it. Roberts slammed the hotel by stating that unless someone paid the hotel "an extortionate amount of money," they would not care if they lived or died.

Roberts added that a nearby hotel, New Blossoms, lent their life-saving equipment allowing the elderly man to be treated. The ailing man received the emergency aid he needed and he survived the pre-Christmas ordeal.

The Sun pointed out that the Chester Grosvenor tried to do some damage control with their own Facebook post. They extended their unreserved apologies for the "miscommunication" which led to Roberts being refused the equipment. The hotel claimed that in previous instances, the hotel had lent their defibrillator to the public and will continue to do so if necessary in the future.