Five year old Australian prodigy Aelita Andre is dazzling the art world with her new exhibition at the Agora Gallery in New York.

Secret Universe, Andre's second New York show, marks a return after her first exhibition in the big apple proved a huge sensation in June 2011.The 22 paintings that form part of the new exhibition are priced between £3,000 and £8,300.

Melbourne based Andre, who was speaking to the press on 13 June, gave an interpretation of her work.

"They look like space and they're not real and they're not realistic. They're like space and they don't look really, really much like space. They look abstract."

Angela Di Bello, director of the Agora Gallery, spoke of why she feels Andre's work is special.

"She has sort of bridged the gap between the abstract and realism. The paintings are basically abstract expressionist drippings and very painterly strokes. And then she kind of makes sense of her universe, not so secret any more, but her universe in that she then includes animals, fairies, butterflies, insects and so that's where she is bridging the gap between the two. So I feel that she is an abstract expressionist slash surrealist."

The exhibition opened on 12 June, and will run for three weeks until 3 July.