No one knows what he looks like, but his art is instantly recognisable. The world-renowned British artist Banksy has set up shop in New York City.

Banksy, a pseudonym for the elusive artist who first emerged in the streets of Bristol, England and whose real identity is unknown, has begun a month-long project across New York City.

The project is called "Better Out Than In" and Banksy is attempting to create a new work of art each day in October.

On October 1, Banksy unveiled a painting of two boys with one boy pointing to a sign that reads "Graffiti Is A Crime".

The exact location of the artwork was not revealed, but via social media, word is spreading fast about where to find the graffiti art.

In the Chelsea neighbourhood of Manhattan, passersby have taken note of Banksy's graffiti painting of a dog urinating on a fire hydrant. It was Banksy's third art piece to appear in New York.

Ori, who drove from New Jersey to take a picture of the Banksy graffiti, celebrated artistic freedom.

"It's a very nice thing that artists can express themselves as long as they do it with a taste and it doesn't bother anyone else. That means, it's a much nicer graffiti than other graffitis out there. It's not offensive, I don't think, especially that. It's part of New York."

So far in October, Banksy's art has featured graffiti, a video, and a roving art installation inside a delivery truck. His exhibition is also detailed on his website, Instagram and other social media.

Banksy has become a coveted contemporary painter in the art world, known for his trademark spray-paint stencils on buildings that offer social commentary. The artist appeared in and directed the 2010 Oscar-nominated documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop" with his face and voice obscured.

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