Suicide Squad, the anti-superhero movie of summer of 2016 has finally hit the theatres on 5 August. Although the curse of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice seems to shroud the critical reviews of the DC movie, no one can deny the excitement regarding the film as reflected by the record-breaking advance ticket sales.

And, now adding more spice to the developments, director David Ayer has come out responding to Marvel icon Stan Lee's epic video take on the "F**k Marvel" controversy.

Addressing the F statement that was made during the world premiere of Suicide Squad, Ayer shared a message hailing Lee on his Twitter account.

"You're The Man sir. You made my childhood a nicer place!" the 48-year-old filmmaker wrote on the micro-blogging site appreciating a previous tweet posted by Lee.

The former president of Marvel Comics on Thursday (4 August) had shared a video tweet addressing the "F**k Marvel" saga. Judging by the video response of Lee on Twitter, where he is seen asking "Why is eff you considered an insult?, it seems that the former Marvel boss has taken the entire fiasco in good humour.

Lee further goes on to cheekily caption his old video post as "Hey @DavidAyerMovies - Don't feel too bad about dropping the f bomb. It's a compliment of the highest order!"

For those unaware about the F word fiasco, the controversy began when the Suicide Squad director got "caught up in the moment" at the New York premiere of the movie. When a fan yelled the eff word dissing Marvel, Ayer too seemed to have echoed it, sending fans of the franchise on frenzy.

However, he later posted an apology on Twitter saying, "Sorry about getting caught up in the moment and saying f*ck Marvel. Someone said it. I echoed. Not cool. Respect for my brother filmmakers."

Suicide Squad poster
The background to the Joker and Harley Quinn are revealed before Suicide Squad hit our screens on Friday Warner Bros