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It seems the heavyweights of the business world are not affected by the slow global growth or the eurozone crisis.

The largest companies in the world remain to be in the top spots registering double digit growth as far as the individual sales and earnings are concerned.

Total revenues of the global 2000 companies have shown a rise of 12 percent which stands at $36 trillion (£22.4 trillion), according to the Forbes magazine.

They have registered an increase of 11 percent in profits and a rise of eight percent in assets, though there is a 0.5 percent fall in their market value which the Forbes attributed to the slump in international growth which is dragging down the aggregate growth.

Forbes has taken into account several parameters such as sales, profits, assets as well as market value to determine the size of the companies to be included in the latest list of global 2000 companies.

Though the ranking has been done following a thorough analysis of the major firms from 66 countries across the world, companies from Thailand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and the UAE stand out registering strong growth in all the four parameters.

It is the ninth annual ranking of the companies by the Forbes and Exxon Mobil, the world' s most profitable company of 2012, has grabbed the number one spot in the list.

JPMorgan Chase, which owned the number one spot in 2011, is currently in the second position and is followed by GE , Royal Dutch Shell and the Chinese bank ICBC.

Apple is the 'most valuable' company in the list and is in the elite club of top 25 companies in the list.

Among the regions, Asia Pacific (largest number of members) recorded 26 percent growth in sales, 29 percent of profit growth and 19 percent asset growth .

However, the US is the only region which recorded a growth in market value with a gain of 6 percent among all the other regions.

Take a look at the top ten firms in the Forbes list of Global 2000 companies: