Former England cricket captain Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff has been let off a driving ban for speeding on grounds of "exceptional hardship".

The 36-year-old millionaire, was driving a Bentley when he was caught by a camera doing 87mph on the M6, near Linstock in Cumbria, on January 28 this year.

He already had nine points on his licence for speeding. A further three points would have resulted in an automatic ban.

Flintoff's solicitor claimed that without his licence Flintoff's charitable efforts would be affected.

Magistrates' in Carlisle agreed that imposing a ban would amount to "exceptional hardship" because of the effect on his charity work and his three children.

His solicitor also claimed that a ban would affect his TV work. The court heard how the defendant is due to film a show in Northern Ireland, a "road trip" where he drives a fish and chips van powered by the van's cooking fat.

The former England cricket captain was instead given three points on his licence and fined £330 but allowed to continue driving.

Flintoff, who has been caught speeding on four occasions in the last three years was warned he would not be able to use the exceptional hardship reason again in court if he is caught speeding in the next three years.