2012 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

The glitz and glamour of Singapore's night-time Formula 1 Grand Prix is now beginning to attract attention from rival venues. The governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand, Kanokphand Chulakasem, has indicated an agreement is in place to hold a night Grand Prix in his country, from 2014.

The tentative Thailand Grand Prix will be a street circuit like the Marina Bay track in Singapore, which was the most recent round of the 2012 Formula 1 World Championship. The Daily Mail reports Chulakasem, along with a representative of Chalerm Yoovidhya, the owner of the Red Bull brand, met the sport's chief executive, Bernie Ecclestone, during the Singapore Grand Prix.

Sky Sports, in turn, reports local newspaper Bangkok Post as quoting Chulakasem: "It will be a city race like that in Singapore and Monaco. It will be a night race like the Singapore Grand Prix."

The Singapore Grand Prix, backed by the government of the city-state, made its debut in the Formula 1 calendar five years ago and 23 September's race was the last of its original contract. However, the race has been extremely successful and hugely popular, with both drivers and fans, meaning it was unlikely to be dropped.

As expected, the Telegraph reported a new contract had been agreed to hold the race for a further five years. However, the interesting aspect of the news that emerged was Ecclestone's unwillingness to confirm if it would remain the only night race.

"The trouble is they've started something that's so popular worldwide that I'm sure other people are going to want to do this. Whether or not we're going to be happy with that I don't know, but we're very happy with what we've got in Singapore - more than happy. I'm very proud they had the courage to do this in the first place," the sport's business leader explained.

2012 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

It now appears Thailand is set to rival its regional neighbours, both for attention and glamour. The one issue with the Thais winning the right to a race is that there are already 20 races in the 2012 calendar and there are restrictions over the number of races in a season.

Should Thailand host a race then one of the existing 20 must be discontinued. And the 2013 calendar, albeit a provisional one, already has a list of 20, including a debut Grand Prix for America, to be held in New York City.

The silver lining for Thailand, however, could be rumours Ecclestone is now reconsidering the New Jersey race, after news over missed construction deadlines.

London Grand Prix

Earlier in the year, when the 2012 championships visited the Silverstone circuit for the British Grand Prix, reports surfaced of yet another street circuit - in London.

However, a potential Formula 1 race around the streets of London is still very much only an idea and there is a lot of work still to be done if it has to become a reality. The Thailand Grand Prix, on the other hand, seems well on its way to at least bidding for a race, if not actually hosting one.