After rowing 9,718 miles across the Pacific Ocean, four British women ended their journey in the Australian city of Cairns in far north Queensland on 25 January. Leaving San Francisco on the 21 April 2015, spending 235 days at sea, Emma Mitchell, Natalia Cohen, Laura Penhaul and Meg Dyos became the first female team and first four-person boat to row the Pacific. Greeted by family and friends with hugs and cheers, the women said they were happy to be back on dry land.

"It was amazing to see them and I'm sure even more amazing for them to know that we're here and we're not going back on that boat," said Cohen.

The journey was not without adventure and moments of concern, they said. "We've had sharks circling, we've had a couple of sharks that followed us for a few weeks," added Mitchell.

With stops in Hawaii and Samoa to restock on supplies, they rowed 24 hours a day in two-hour shifts, Australian media reported. The journey raised A$78,000 (£38,257, £54,506) for injured servicewomen and breast cancer patients, the ABC reported.