Anne Sinclair
Anne Sinclair will be the editor of Le Huffington Post. REUTERS

The wife of shamed banker Dominique Strauss-Kahn will launch Le Huffington Post, the French version of the influential online journal, The Huffington Post.

Anne Sinclair, the wife of the former head of the International Monetary Fund whose career was plagued in 2011 with a string of sex scandals, will be the editor of Le Huffington Post, which will have a staff of eight full-time journalists.

The French launch of the "HuffPo" is the latest in a growing stable since the introduction of the Canadian and British versions last year after AOL acquired the brand for $315million (£202.5million).

Sinclair said there would be no conflict of interest in her new job.

"All important information will be treated normally. And everything that should be page one will be page one," she said.

When asked what would happen should her husband hit the headlines again, she said: "I don't think it will be the essential news of 2012 but if it were we would handle it in a professional manner."

Sinclair made a name for herself as a journalist by interviewing politicians and celebrities on her show, which ran for 13 years.

She later launched the website of a leading French TV station.

Analysts estimate that the French version will break even by 2014.