plane bombers
One of the jihadists grins as he talks about an Isis attack on France Canal+

A French Islamic State (Isis) cell planned to blow up passenger planes flying over Europe with a rocket launcher, a French documentary has outlined.

Footage recorded by a Muslim journalist who infiltrated a terrorist cell outlining the plot showed how the Paris-based group, wanted to "traumatise France for a century" and were recorded by Canal+ saying that they were going to use a "little rocket-launcher" to take out aircraft.

The journalist, who gained access to the group by using the pseudonym Said Ramzi was also encouraged to "shoot until death" clubbers and set off an explosive vest if security officers turned up.

Ramzi approached groups preaching jihad on Facebook and, after an initial meeting at a deserted outdoor activities centre in Chateauroux in the centre-west of France, spent six months speaking to the jihadists. His footage formed part of a documentary called "Allah's Soldiers".

He was told to meet an "emir" of around a dozen youths, a French-Turkish citizen named Oussama, who urged Ramzi to carry out a mission saying that "paradise" will await him afterwards.

"Towards paradise, that is the path," Oussama said. "Come, brother, let's go to paradise, our women are waiting for us there, with angels as servants. You will have a palace, a winged horse of gold and rubies."

They also meet outside a mosque in Paris where one member of the group pointed at an airplane claiming they could "easily" blow it up. "With a little rocket-launcher, you can easily get one of them... you do something like that in the name of Dawla (an alternate name for Isis), and France will be traumatised for a century," he declares.

Oussama attempted to reach the Daesh (Isis) self-declared caliphate but was apprehended by police in Turkey and extradited back to France where he was handed a five-month jail sentence. The documentary reveals that he was still able to stay in touch with Isis using encrypted messaging app, Telegram.

In another meeting with Ramzi , one of the terrorists tells him: "Only death can await us - or arrest. We aren't going to come out with our hands like this... [puts hands up]. That is forbidden, brother."

Police eventually arrested several members of the gang with one of them threatening Ramzi afterwards saying: "You're done for man".