Lottery Prize
A Vietnam veteran in need of a kidney transplant unknowingly won $14.3 million in a Megabucks lottery in Madison, Wis. For three days after the Jan. 14 drawing, the winning ticket sat on a table in Napolean Elvord's home unbeknownst to the Vietnam vet. Reuters

Friday the 13th is considered unlucky and ominous by most people, irrespective of whether they believe in superstitions or not.

But for the mega million player, Daniel Bruckner, the day turned out to be the luckiest as he won the Mega Millions prize of $208 million on January 13, 2012. The draw was held on December 27.

The 35-year-old Bruckner was visiting his in-laws in the Long Island over Christmas when he bought the ticket from the King Kullen supermarket.

"I went to the King Kullen store I normally go to when we're on Long Island visiting family and friends. I picked up food for dinner and saw how big the jackpot was so I decided to buy a ticket," explained Daniel Bruckner, a financial analyst from California in a news conference on Friday.

Bruckner plays the Mega Millions game from time to time but before winning big in December, he had never won more "than a few bucks," the Associated Press has reported.

Bruckner's jackpot prize is the largest ever won on Long Island. In June, 2011, a group of Costco workers won $201 million Powerball jackpot.