Kellyanne Conway has been ridiculed after blaming two Iraqi refugees for a massacre that never took place. Twitter users have shared light-hearted images and videos showing their interpretation of the so-called Bowling Green Massacre.

In an interview with MSNBC on 2 February, Trump's senior adviser said that Barack Obama's decision to pause the processing of Iraqi refugees in 2011 had been motivated by a "massacre" masterminded by two Iraqis.

She added that most people weren't aware of it "because it didn't get covered". Conway was right to assert that the incident wasn't covered – in fact, it never happened at all.

Now people have begun to imagine their own 'bowling green massacres' and share them with others on Facebook.

Andrea Mann shared a Beryl Cook painting depicting some elderly ladies on a bowling green polishing their balls while one of their playing partners lies comatose on the floor.

Happy toast uploaded a picture of a cake decorated with an injured bowler complete with a streak of 'blood' trailing away from him. It is adorned with the words: "Never forget."

Joshua Helmer wrote: "Glad to see Bowling Green Massacre trending. Gedling & District losing 18-4 to Clifton at home is humiliating. They are a failing club. Sad!"

A satirical swipe from comedian David Schneider read: "It's not just the Bowling Green Massacre. Refugees were also behind the Narnia Bombings, the shootings in Atlantis and the Midsomer Murders."