Khaleesi Dorries
The sultry character Khaleesi on the right, flanked by her real-life alter ego Nadine Dorries.

British Conservative politician Nick Boles has compared several female MPs to a sultry character in American fantasy drama Game of Thrones.

Boles wrote on Twitter that a group of MPs including former I'm a Celebrity contestant Nadine Dorries could fill the role of Daenerys Targaryen, also known as Khaleesi.

Khaleesi is played by actress Emilia Clarke in the smash-hit fantasy drama, which has just begun its fourth season.

Boles said the comparison between the character and his parliamentary colleagues was preoccupying him as he prepared to face questions in the Commons.

None of the MPs Boles named has responded to his messages on Twitter.

Game of Thrones, adapted from a series of novels by George R. R. Martin, is often believed to be based on the Wars of the Roses and sees rival noble houses fighting for power and influence.

The fantasy television series has won several awards and, in 2012, was placed at number 40 on the list of the 101 best-written shows of all time by the Writers Guild of America.

Clarke received her first Emmy nomination in 2013 for her performance as Daenerys Targaryen.