A Palestinian protester stands in front of a poster of Argentina\'s forward and captain Lionel Messi, during a protest at the Hawara Israeli manned checkpoint at the entrance of the northern Palestinian city of Nablus. Getty Images

Nearly two weeks after Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi posted a picture of an injured Palestinian child on his Facebook page, expressing his resentment at the loss of young lives, pro-Israel social media users are calling on the footballer to also acknowledge the death of four-year-old, Daniel Tregerman, on Friday (22 August).

Tregerman was killed by a mortar fired on from Hamas. He was reportedly a Messi fan.

Some people even blamed Messi's soccer team, FC Barcelona's sponsor, Qatar Airways, for funding the Hamas militants in Gaza.

Others simply expressed remorse over the loss of young lives on all ends.

The original Facebook post Messi had published, appears to have been taken off his official Facebook page now, appearing only on other Messi fan pages.

Tregerman is reportedly the first Israeli child to be killed in the Gaza conflict, as of July 8, according to the Times of Israel.